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Notebook and Fountain Pen

The Idea

It all starts with an idea: let's get married on a mountain top; let's do a family snow-shoe on the weekend; let's get a group of friends together and do a camping trip. 

These are all experiences in which you'll want to invest in the moment, to truly be present for -- not constantly digging your phone out of your pocket to try and grab a selfie or quick snap-shot of your friends. 

I'll hand that hassle for you, and you get to focus on the experience at hand. So pitch me your outdoor idea! Where are you going? What are you doing? When is it happening?


The Plan


If you have a detailed itinerary or route all planned out, that's great! I'll pick your brain for some details and work out the best way to seamlessly integrate into your outing.


Have just a faint inkling of what you want to do? Totally great as well. I'm happy to share my knowledge of local areas as well as travel knowledge at large to help piece together a plan that brings your idea to fruition


Time spent communicating and prepping is built into every shoot fee as a set rate, so there won't ever be too many questions to ask or too many ideas to bounce around. 

Planning Travels
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The Shoot

We go out and do it! My goal on every outing is to be an embedded part of your experience, not just an outside observer with a camera.

When I can be a part of your experience, you can be at ease. And when you are at ease and in your element connecting with those you are with and the environment you're in, that's when the photo magic happens.


So from start to finish, I'll be there to document it all -- the crux move of a boulder problem, to the summit of a hike, and all the candid moments in between. Oh, and extra trail snacks or water? I'll always have it.

The Story


Whatever the weather conditions and events, you'll return home and have a story to tell -- and now, pictures with which to tell it.


A first glimpse of the shoot will be available within a week, with the final edit of images made available 2 - 4 weeks after that depending on the scope of your adventure. A print gift comes with every shoot to ensure you have something tangible to remember the experience, along with additional prints and photo books available for purchase. 

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