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Welcome, welcome. My name is Bailey, and it's great to have you here.


As a New Hampshire native, I'm a lover of small-town rural living like that which I was fortunate to grow up in.

Home is currently a small, hand-built cabin constructed with my father on the family property that I grew up on in central New Hampshire. 

The words "wicked" and "stoked" come out of my mouth more often than they probably should, but I blame a New England upbringing for that. 

College was spent studying journalism and communications which is where my love for narrative and story craft comes from and forms the foundation for my approach to photography. 

I'm also a graduate of the Rocky Mountain School of Photography's Professional Intensive program.

Watching the Northern Lights in a Scandinavian country or the far north of Canada while on dog-sled, skis, or just my own two feet, is a travel experience I'm dying to have (If anyone is in need of elopement ideas...).

It is my belief that there is far more beauty and meaning found in the moments that are perfectly imperfect than that which is staged and posed. 


When not documenting these moments for other outdoor enthusiasts, I'm often providing the same service for businesses and publications. You can check out my commercial work here. 

Drop me a line and tell me about yourself!

Photo Captured By: Annie Koch
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